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National security is the bedrock underpinning the stability of the country. 国家安全是安邦定国的重要基石? Safeguarding national security serves the fundamental interests of all Chinese including Hong Kong compatriots. l护国家安全是包括香港同胞在内的全国各族人民的根本利益所在? The fourth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee clearly required a legal framework and enforcement mechanisms to be established for safeguarding national security in the HKSAR. 党的十九届四中全会明提出:“建立健全特别行政区维护国家安全的法律制度和执行机?rdquo;? The HKSAR is an inseparable part of the People's Republic of China, and the NPC is the highest organ of state power.In light of the new circumstances and need, the NPC is exercising the power enshrined in the Constitution to establish and improve at the state level the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security, and to uphold and improve the institutional framework of "one country, two systems". 香港特别行政区是中华人民共和国不可分ȝ部分。全国h民代表大会是最高国家权力机养IҎ新的形势和需要,行宪法赋予的职权,从国家层面徏立健全香港特别行政区l护国家安全的法律制度和执行机制Q坚持和完善“一国两?rdquo;制度体系Q是完全必要的? 【相兌汇? 一国两? one country, two systems l护法治 safeguard the rule of law 坚定l护国家L、安全、发展利? defend our national sovereignty, security and development interests U极d融入国家发展大局 integrate more proactively into the country's overall development ]]></description> </item><item><title>民航行李全流E跟t系l试?2025q底前国内航U全覆盖 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-8484-472304-1.html q是煮咖啡最健康的方式,q可能g长你的寿?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472290-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[The healthiest way to brew your coffee -- and possibly lengthen your life q是煮咖啡最健康的方式,q可能g长你的寿? For many of us, the day doesn't start off right until we have that cuppa joe. Ҏ们很多h来说Q这一天直到喝了一杯咖啡才开始? Just the aroma of that dark, rich brew can get our senses stirring, ready for the mood boost we know is coming. 仅仅是这U浓的黑咖啡的香气p让我们的感官z跃hQؓ我们所知的卛_到来的好心情做好准备? And it turns out that coffee's not just fine for your health, it may even lengthen your life -- but only if you prepare it with a filter, according to a new long-term study published Wednesday in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 周三发表在《欧z预防心脏病学杂志》上的一Ҏ的长期研I表明,咖啡不仅对健h益,甚至可能廉你的寿命——但前提是你在准备咖啡时要加个qo器? "Unfiltered coffee contains substances which increase blood cholesterol. Using a filter removes these and makes heart attacks and premature death less likely," said study author Dag Thelle, a senior professor in the public health and community medicine department of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 未经qo的咖啡含有增加血液胆固醇的物质。该研究的作者、瑞典哥德堡大学公共卫生和社区医学系的高U教授达?middot;塞勒?“使用qo器可以去除这些因素,降低心脏病发作和q早M的可能性?rdquo; "Our study provides strong and convincing evidence of a link between coffee brewing methods, heart attacks and longevity," Thelle said. “我们的研I提供了强有力的和oZ服的证据Q证明了咖啡冲Ҏ、心脏病发作和寿命之间的联系Q?rdquo;塞勒说? That's bad news for lovers of coffee made with the French press, or cafetière, that is so popular today, or those fond of strong Greek and Turkish brewing methods. Boiling coffee or using a coffee press can actually increase your risk of heart disease. q对喜欢用法式o压壶制作咖啡的h来说是个坏消息,q种咖啡如今非常行Q对那些喜欢郁的希腊和土耛_冲Ҏ的h来说也是个坏消息。煮咖啡或用咖啡压榨机实际上会增加你患心脏病的风险? Drinking filtered coffee better for health 喝过滤咖啡更有益于健? The new study followed over half a million healthy Norwegian men and women between the ages of 20 and 79 over a 20-year period. q项新研I对50多万q龄?0岁到79岁之间的健康挪威h和x进行了为期20q的跟踪调查? Results showed drinking boiled or pressed unfiltered coffee raised the risk of death in men aged 60 and above, due to elevated cardiovascular mortality. l果昄Q饮用煮q或压过的未l过滤的咖啡会增?0岁及以上h的M风险Q因会提高心血疾病的M率? But drinking filtered coffee -- that through a paper filter, for example, was found to be healthier than drinking no coffee at all. 但是喝过滤过的咖?mdash;—例如Q通过U过滤器qo的咖啡,被发现比完全不喝咖啡更健店? Filtered coffee was linked to a 15% reduced risk of death from any cause, a 12% decreased risk of death from cardiovascular disease in men and a 20% lowered risk of death from heart disease in women when compared to drinking no coffee. 与不喝咖啡相比,qo咖啡可降?5%的Q何原因死亡风险,降低12%的男性心血疾病死亡风险,降低20%的女性心脏病M风险? In fact, the study found those who drank one to four cups of filtered coffee per day had the lowest mortality rate. 事实上,研究发现每天喝一到四杯过滤咖啡的人死亡率最低? "The finding that those drinking the filtered beverage did a little better than those not drinking coffee at all could not be explained by any other variable such as age, gender or lifestyle habits. So we think this observation is true," Thelle said. “研究发现Q喝qo咖啡的h比不喝咖啡的现稍好,q一发现无法用年龄、性别或生zM惯等其他变量来解释。所以我们认个观察结果是正确的?rdquo;塞勒说? Evidence-based recommendations 以证据ؓ基础的徏? The findings echo other research highlighting coffee's health benefits. According to the American Heart Association, filtered coffee can sharpen your mental focus, boost mood and improve performance during exercise. q一发现与其他强调咖啡有益健L研究不谋而合。据国心脏协会Uͼqo咖啡可以提高你的_注意力,改善情AQƈ在锻g提高表现? The British Medical Journal published a huge umbrella study in 2017 that looked at over 200 analyses of the health benefits of coffee and that found drinking three to fours cups of black coffee a day provides the most health benefits overall. 《英国医学杂志》在2017q发表了一大型综合研IӞ对咖啡的健康益处q行?00多项分析Q发现每天喝三到四杯黑咖啡M上对健康益处最大? Those included lowering the risk of heart disease; numerous types of cancer; and neurological, metabolic and liver disorders; as well as overall mortality. 其中包括降低患心脏病的风?多种癌症;经、代谢和肝脏疄;以及L亡率? ]]></description> </item><item><title>我们到底需要喝多少? http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-138-472289-1.html 2 主语+pd?主语补语(表语Q Track02 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-10288-472173-1.html 1 英文句子构成Q主语部?谓语部分 Track01 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-10288-472172-1.html U学家称他们可能发现了一U?保持)苗条的基?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472261-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Scientists say they may have found a skinny gene U学家称他们可能发现了一U?保持)苗条的基? We all know the type. They can eat all they want, spend zero time at the gym and don't put on an ounce. 我们都知道这U类?的h)。他们可以想吃什么就吃什么,在健w房ȝ的时间ؓӞ体重也不会增加? Now, according to new preliminary research published Thursday in the journal Cell, scientists may have discovered the gene that helps these super-skinny individuals stay so slim, potentially opening up a new frontier in treatments to tackle obesity. 现在Q根据周四发表在《细胞》杂志上的一Ҏ的初步研IӞU学家们可能已经发现了帮助这些超瘦的Z持苗条的基因Q这可能开辟了ȝ肥胖的新领域? An international team of scientists said they have identified a genetic variant unique to thin individuals in what's known as the ALK gene. The ALK gene makes a protein called anaplastic lymphoma kinase, which is involved in cell growth. 一个国际科学家组_他们已经在已知的ALK基因中发C一U瘦人特有的基因变异。ALK基因产生一U叫做间变性淋巴瘤Ȁ酶的蛋白质,它与l胞生长有关? They pinpointed the variant after looking at DNA samples and clinical data of more than 47,000 healthy people in Estonia between the ages of 20 and 44. 在对爱沙g过47000名年龄在20?4岁之间的健康人群的DNAh和床数据进行分析后Q他们确定了q种变异? "The Estonia biobank is very unique in its detail," said senior author Josef Penninger, a professor in the department of medical genetics and the director of the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia. 英国哥u比亚大学d遗传学系教授、生命科学研I所所ѝ资׃家约瑟夫·潘宁DQ?ldquo;爱沙g生物数据库的l节非常独特? "We looked at the genetic maps of people with a BMI [body mass index] below 18 and compared them with those of people of normal weight and found the [genetic variant] that correlated with being super skinny," Penninger said. 潘宁D:“我们研究了BMI(w体质量指数)低于18的h的基因图谱,q将其与正常体重的hq行比较Q发C与超瘦相关的基因变异?rdquo; The team then examined how the ALK gene functions in mice and flies. 然后Q研I小l研I了ALK基因在老鼠和苍蝇中的作用? Stephen O'Rahilly, professor and head of the department of clinical biochemistry and the director of the metabolic diseases unit at the University of Cambridge, said the research was "not definitive" but "very interesting." 剑桥大学临床生物化学pL授、代谢疾病研I室MQ斯蒂?middot;奥拉希利_q项研究“不是定?rdquo;Q但“非常有趣”? Thinner flies and mice 更瘦的苍蝇和老鼠 Scientists already know that a mutated form of the ALK gene and protein can drive the development of cancer tumors, the study said. Mutated forms of the gene and protein have been found in non-small cell lung cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma and neuroblastoma, a brain cancer. 研究UͼU学家已l知道,ALK基因和蛋白质的突变Ş式可以推动癌症肿瘤的发展。在非小l胞肺癌、间变性大l胞淋巴瘤和经母细胞瘤(一U脑?中发C基因和蛋白质的突变Ş式? This new finding suggested a different mutation of the gene may play a role in thinness and resistance to gaining weight. To test this, the scientists conducted experiments on flies and mice and found that deleting this gene resulted in thinner versions of those flies and mice. q一新发现表明,该基因的另一个突变可能在瘦n和抵抗体重增加方面v作用。ؓ了验证这一点,U学家们在苍蝇和老鼠w上q行了实验,发现删除q个基因会导致这些苍蝇和老鼠变瘦? "We gave the mice (what amounted to) a McDonald's diet. The normal mice got obese and the ones without ALK remained skinny," Penninger said. “我们l老鼠(相当?吃了一K当劳。正常的老鼠变得肥胖Q而那些没有ALK的老鼠仍然很瘦?rdquo;潘宁D? The team's mouse studies also suggested that the ALK gene instructs fat tissues to burn more fat from food. 该小l的老鼠研究也表明,ALK基因指示脂肪l织从食物中燃烧更多的脂肪? He said that previous studies in much larger populations have shown a suggestive, but not strong, signal of an association with body weight in that area of the genome, and it was unlikely that the variation would be unique to Estonians. 他说Q以前在更大的h中q行的研I显C,在基因组的这一区域Q有一个暗C性但不强烈的信号表明体重与此有关Q而且q种变异不太可能是爱沙尼亚h独有的? Penninger said that treatments targeting the gene might help scientists fight obesity in the future. 潘宁DQ针对这U基因的ȝ可能有助于科学家在未来对抗肥胖? "If you think about it, it's realistic that we could shut down ALK and reduce ALK function to see if we did stay skinny," Penninger said. “如果你仔l想惻I我们可以关闭ALKq减ALK功能Q看看我们是否真的能保持苗条Q这是很现实的,” 潘宁D? ]]></description> </item><item><title>Facebook支持q程办公Q但可能会减?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-472182-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Facebook embraces remote working, but may cut pay Facebook支持q程办公Q但可能会减? Facebook plans to hire more remote workers in areas where the company doesn't have an office, and let some current employees work from home permanently if they'd like to. Facebook计划在公司没有办公室的地区雇佣更多的q程员工Q如果愿意的话,也可以让一些现有员工长期在家工作? CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to "aggressively open up remote hiring" starting immediately with the US, particularly for engineering talent. Facebook首席执行官马?middot;扎克伯格表示Q公司计划从国开?ldquo;U极开展远E招?rdquo;Q尤其是针对工程人才? Based on internal employee surveys, he believes remote workers could make up as much as 50 per cent of Facebook's workforce in the next five to 10 years. Ҏ内部员工调查Q他认ؓQ在未来5?0q内Q远E员工可能占到Facebook员工L?0%? "We and a lot of other folks were very worried that productivity was going to really fall off a cliff," Zuckerberg said in an interview. "It just hasn't. We are at least as productive as we were before, and some people report being even more productive." 扎克伯格在一ơ采访中?“我们和其他很多h都非常担心生产率会急剧下降?rdquo;“q还没有。我们的工作效率臛_和以前一样高Q有些h的工作效率甚x高?rdquo; The social network, which closed its Menlo Park, California, offices in early March due to the coronavirus outbreak, has already told employees that they can work from home through the end of the year. Zuckerberg shared the remote hiring plans with workers on Thursday. ׃新冠肺炎疫情爆发Q这家社交网l公怺3月初关闭了位于加州门z帕克的办公室,q已告知员工Q他们可以在家工作到今年q底。周四,扎克伯格与员工分享了q程招聘计划? Facebook had more than 48,000 global staff at the end of March. 截至3月底QFacebook在全球拥有?.8万名员工? "The vast majority of people at the company are working remotely anyway, so constraining ourselves to only hiring people who live near an office that's not open anyways isn't really that efficient," he added. 他补充道Q?ldquo;公司l大多数员工都是q程办公Q因此,限制自己只雇佣那些住在一个无论如何都不开攄办公室附q的人,实际上ƈ没有那么有效?rdquo; Facebook is the latest, and largest, tech company to announce a full or partial move to more permanent remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook是最C是最大的一家科技公司Q宣布在COVID-19大流行期间全面或部分转向更永久的q程工作? Twitter and Square, both run by CEO Jack Dorsey, have announced that their employees can work from home permanently if they'd like. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify said this week it will allow its 5000 staff to work from home indefinitely. Twitter和Square都是由首席执行官杰克•多尔西运营的Q两家公叔R宣布Q如果员工愿意,他们可以怹在家工作。加拿大电子商务公司Shopify本周表示Q将允许5000名员工无限期在家工作? It's a trend that could drastically change Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, which has for decades been the mecca for high-paying technology jobs. Many of the world's most valuable companies, including Facebook, Apple and Google are headquartered just south of San Francisco, which has made the surrounding area one of the wealthiest and most expensive in the world. q一势可能会极大地改变谷和旧金山湑֌。几十年来,旧金山湾Z直是高薪U技工作的圣地。许多世界上最有h值的公司Q包括Facebook、苹果和h的总部都在旧金׃南,q得周边地区成Z界上最富有和最昂贵的地Z一? Facebook employees who wish to work remotely, and are approved to do so, will be paid based on their new location, Zuckerberg added. That means employees who move to areas with a lower cost of living than the Bay Area would likely take a pay cut. 扎克伯格补充道,希望q程办公q获得批准的Facebook员工根据他们的新地点获得报酬。这意味着搬到生活成本低于湑֌的员工可能会减薪? Zuckerberg said his decisions aren't driven by employee demand, but there are a number of other benefits to remote hiring. This will extend the "talent pool" of people Facebook can hire, he said, and could help Facebook increase the diversity of its workforce, both racially and ethnically, but also ideologically. 扎克伯格_他的军_q不受员工需求的驱动Q但q程招聘q有很多其他好处。他_q将扩大Facebook可以招聘?ldquo;人才?rdquo;Q无论是在hU和民族上,q是在意识Ş态上Q都可能有助于Facebook增加员工的多h? There is also a potential environmental benefit, Zuckerberg said, pointing out that pollution and emissions have dipped as people have stopped traveling. "I'd rather have our employees teleporting to work with VR or video chat than sitting in a commute and kind of poisoning the atmosphere," he said. 扎克伯格_q对环境也有潜在的好处。他指出Q随着Z停止旅行Q污染和排放已经下降。他?“我宁愿让我们的员工用虚拟现实技术或视频聊天q_上进行远E工作,而不是坐在通勤途中Q这样会破坏氛围?rdquo; There could be product advantages, too. Facebook's mission is to create products that help people feel closer even when they are physically apart, Zuckerberg said. This would give the company a chance to put its own products to the test, he added. 产品也可能有优势。扎克伯DQFacebook的命是创造品,让h们即使n在异C能感觉更亲密。他补充_q将l公怸个机会来试自己的品? There are still some unknowns. Zuckerberg believes a change like this could impact some of what he calls "the softer stuff," like social connections, group brainstorming and creativity. q有一些未知因素。扎克伯D为,q样的改变可能会影响他所谓的“软实?rdquo;Q比如社会关pR团队头脑风暴和创造力? Companies like Facebook and Google have changed work culture by offering employees never-ending perks, like free food, shuttles to work and even laundry. Those elements of work cultures will undoubtedly be affected. Facebook和谷歌这L公司已经改变了工作文化,为员工提供无止境的福利,比如免费食物、上班班车,甚至z服务。这些工作文化的因素无疑会受到媄响? ]]></description> </item><item><title>雇主应该考虑每周四天工作?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-472181-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Employers should consider four-day working week 雇主应该考虑每周四天工作? The FM said we shouldn't slip back into 'old and bad ways of doing things' as the economy recovers from Covid-19. 外交部说Q随着l济从Covid-19复苏Q我们不应该再回?ldquo;旧的、糟p的做事方式”? Employers should look into “embracing” a four-day working week as part of changes to the economy as the country eases out of lockdown, Nicola Sturgeon has said. 古?middot;斯特金表C,雇主们应该考虑“接受”每周四天工作Ӟq是国家摆脱锁后经变化的一部分? The First Minister was responding to a question from Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard in the Scottish Parliament on how the economy could look after the coronavirus crisis. 首席部长在苏格兰议会回答了苏格兰工党领袖理查?middot;伦纳h出的一个问题,即经如何应对冠状病毒危机? He called for “a new industrial strategy, a new plan for the economy and a new plan for jobs” to deal with rising unemployment. 他呼吁制?ldquo;新的产业战略、新的经计划和新的׃计划”Q以应对不断上升的失业率? Sturgeon said it is important not to slip into “old and bad ways of doing things” as the economy recovers, adding parents will have a “difficult balancing act” with childcare for some time. 斯特金说Q随着l济的复苏,不要陷入“旧的、糟p的做事方式”Q这一点很重要。她补充_在一D|间内Q家长们在照顾孩子的问题上“很难取得q”? She added: “That is one reason, not the only reason, why we need to look at different working patterns. 她补充道:“q是我们需要研I不同工作模式的一个原因,而不是唯一的原因?rdquo; “Things like a four-day week are no longer things that we should just be talking about, these are things we should be encouraging employers to look at embracing, and there are a whole range of things that fall into that category.” “像每周四天工作制q样的事情已l不再是我们应该谈论的事情了Q我们应该鼓励雇主考虑接受q些事情Q有很多事情都属于这一cR?rdquo; In response to the First Minister’s comments on Thursday, a Glasgow-based charity that moved to a four-day week in 2018 said it had led to many benefits. 作ؓ寚w席部长周四言论的回应Q一家位于格拉斯哥的慈善机构?018q改成了每周四天工作ӞU这带来了很多好处? Advice Direct Scotland, which advises people on consumer, benefits and debts issues, gave their staff fewer working hours while maintaining the same wages. 苏格兰直接咨询公ؓZ提供有关消费者、福利和债务问题的咨询,在保持相同工资的同时Q减了员工的工作时间? Chief executive Andrew Bartlet said it had led to a better work-life balance for the organisation, consisting of around 90 employees and 100 volunteers. 公司首席执行官安德鲁·巴特q表示Q这为公司带来了更好的工作与生活q。该公司由大U?0名员工和100名志愿者组成? He said: “In 2018, we became one of the first major organisations in Scotland to introduce a four-day working week, recognising the positive difference this would make. 他说:“2018q_我们成ؓ苏格兰首批引入每周四天工作制的主要机构之一Q认识到q将带来的积极媄响? “Absenteeism has reduced and productivity has increased as a result. “l果Q旷工现象减了Q生产力提高了? “Prior to lockdown, this created a more positive atmosphere in the office, with staff encouraged to share stories about the activities they enjoyed on their extra day off. “在停业之前,q在办公室创造了一个更加积极的氛围Q鼓励员工分享他们在额外休息日n受的zd的故事? “As we move towards easing lockdown, we would certainly recommend a four-day working week to Scottish businesses.” “随着我们逐步放松锁Q我们肯定会苏格C业每周工作四天?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>U罗拉多河的水去了哪? http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472180-1.html 全球变暖4CQ地球会变成什么样?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472179-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[What Earth May Look Like with Global Warming of 4°C 全球变暖4°CQ地球会变成什么样? It’s hard to say what the exact effects of climate change will be by the end of the 21st century, but that hasn’t stopped people from theorizing. In this recent video from YouTuber, RealLifeLore, for example, we’re treated to a glimpse of what would happen to Earth if the average global temperature rose by 4 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. 很难说到21世纪末气候变化的切影响会是什么,但这q没有阻止h们提出理论。例如,在youtube|站RealLifeLore最q发布的一D视频中Q我们得以一H如?100q全球^均气温到上升4摄氏度,地球会发生什么? And the prophecy is (expectedly) terrible for many, while enormously beneficial for some. RealLifeLore, the YouTube channel dedicated to answering “questions that you’ve never asked,” recently posted the extremely speculative climate change video. q个预言(预期)对很多h来说是可怕的Q但对一些h来说是非常有益的。致力于回答“你从未问q的问题”的YouTube频道RealLifeLore最q发布了一D|其具有推性的气候变化视频? The video’s narrator, Joseph Pisenti—who also runs the channel—notes that the speculations made in the video are based on those outlined in the book, Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization. 该视频的解说员约瑟夫·皮森特同时也是该频道的负责h。他指出Q视频中的推是Z《连通图:l制全球文明的未来》一书中的概q? Connectography is a book on the “global network revolution” that may take place over the next 80 or so years, written by geopolitical advisor and international relations expert, Parag Khanna. 《连通图》是一本关?ldquo;全球|络革命”的书Q这本书由地~政治顾问和国际关系专家帕拉?middot;卡纳撰写Q这场革命可能会在未?0q左叛_生? If you want to hear more about Khanna’s theories regarding how “the map of the world” is going to change by the year 2100, you can watch the author’s TED Talk. 如果你想了解更多关于卡纳关于“世界地图”?100q将如何变化的理论,你可以去观看作者的TED演讲? As far as the predictions in the video, they basically boil down to this: Everything’s going to become a desert. Except for narrow strips of land closer to the planet’s poles. 至于视频中的预测Q基本上可以归结?一切都变成沙漠。除了靠q地球两极的狭长地带? Which, according to the assumptions made in the video, could mean that Canada, Russia, the Nordic countries, and Greenland all become the 22nd century’s top superpowers. Although Alaska would apparently go a long way in helping the U.S. stay relevant. Ҏ视频中的假设Q这可能意味着加拿大、俄|斯、北Ƨ国家和格陵兰岛都将成ؓ22世纪的超U大国。尽阿拉斯加显然会在帮助美国保持媄响力斚w发挥很大作用? The video notes that with a 4°C rise in average global temperature, every continent would be home to a massive dessert, with Africa “effectively [becoming] an entire desert continent.” 视频指出Q随着全球q_气温上升4°CQ每个大陆都成Z个巨大沙漠的家园Q非z?ldquo;实际上变成了一个完整的沙漠大陆”? The video also notes that unthinkable large migrations of people will need to take place in attempts to relocate to livable areas of the world. 该视频还指出Qؓ了迁Ud世界上适宜居住的地区,Z需要进行难以想象的大规模迁UR? There are, of course, an endless number of questions the climate model elicits in regards to the inevitable geopolitical ramifications of global warming. 当然Q对于全球变暖不可避免的地缘政治影响Q气候模型引发了无数的问题? For example, how countries would interact with each other as the world warms; The core assumption that Earth could warm by 4°C by 2100 may also be inaccurate. Especially taking into consideration the fact that new technologies may mitigate the effects of climate change catalyzed by humanity. 例如Q随着世界变暖Q各国将如何怺影响;关于地球?100q将升温4摄氏度的核心假设可能也不准确。特别是考虑到新技术可能减ȝ人类推动的气候变化的影响q一事实? ]]></description> </item><item><title>口罩可将传播风险降低90% http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472176-1.html 英国天气预报:?8摄氏度高温下暴晒后,预计会有雷雨和大?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-472175-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms and heavy rain expected after sun-seekers sizzle in 28C heat 英国天气预报:?8摄氏度高温下暴晒后,预计会有雷雨和大? Heavy rain, gusty winds and even thunderstorms could hit parts of the country today after sun-seekers enjoyed another day of soaring temperatures. 该国又经历了一天的高温天气之后Q今天,该国部分地区可能遭遇暴雨、大风甚至雷暴天气, The mercury peaked at 28.2C at Santon Downham in Suffolk on Wednesday, when the public packed out parks and beaches to enjoy newfound freedom following the easing of lockdown restrictions. 周三Q在萨福克郡的桑唐汉姆Q水银的最高温度达C28.2摄氏度,公众UL涌向公园和v滩,享受放松锁后新获得的自由? Although many will still experience warm conditions on Thursday, western parts of the UK could receive patchy rain which will push towards the north-east. 管很多地区在周四仍经历温暖的天气Q但英国襉K地区可能会迎来零星降雨,降雨向东北方向推进? Elsewhere, Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said there was a risk of thunderstorms and downpours across the south east of England. 在其他地方,英国气象局气象学家格雷?middot;杜赫斯特表示Q英格兰东南部有雷雨和暴雨的风险? Heavy rain and gusty winds should generally clear by the afternoon, he added, leading to sunny spells and the potential for temperatures to reach 27C across south east England. 他补充说Q暴雨和阵风C午应该会基本消散Q导致英格兰东南部出现艳阻I气温可能辑ֈ27摄氏度? Balmy conditions have tested the nation's resolve in maintaining social distancing in parks and open spaces. On Wednesday, police in North Devon said roads to the area's beaches were "gridlocked" despite pleas to the public from councils who advise against travelling to the south west. 温和的环境考验着q个国家在公园和开攄间保持社交距ȝ军_。周三,北d文郡警方表示Q尽地方议会徏议不要前往西南地区Q但通往该地区v滩的道\仍然交通堵塞? Officers in Ilfracombe and Braunton said they had identified vehicles from "all over the country" in the local area, where toilets and other amenities remain closed. 伊尔弗拉孔布和布劳顿的警察表C,他们已经在当地找C“来自全国各地”的R辆,当地的厕所和其他设施仍处于关闭状态? One officer said "valuable resources" were being used to marshal traffic, adding that elderly people in the area would be "very anxious over the selfish actions of these individuals". 一名官员表C,正在利用“宝贵的资?rdquo;来疏g通,q补充说Q该地区的老年人将“对这些h的自U行为感到非常焦?rdquo;? A slight easing of restrictions in England means people can drive to beaches and countryside beauty spots, where they are allowed to picnic and sunbathe. 英国攑֮了一些限Ӟq意味着Z可以开车去hW和乡村景点,在那里他们可以野和日光? But in response to the relaxation of measures, leaders in Devon and Cornwall warned tourists to "think twice" about visiting the region. 但作为对放松措施的回应,h郡和h郡的领gh警告游客在前往该地区时?ldquo;三思而后?rdquo;? Councils and tourism bodies encouraged people not to travel more than an hour from their local area to enjoy the outdoors and to avoid popular tourist locations, as the region's car parks, toilets and hotspots remain closed. 地方议会和旅游机构鼓׃h们从d当地Cn受户外活动不要超q一时Qƈ避开热门旅游景点Q因地区的停车场、厕所和热点仍然关闭? Temperatures are expected to cool on Friday, according to the Met Office. 据英国气象局预测Q周五气温将会下降? "A deep area of low pressure moves in from the Atlantic and skirts the north-west of the UK, likely to bring strong winds across the country on Friday," Mr Dewhurt said. 徯特表示:“一股低气压从大西洋向英国西北部UdQ可能在周五l英国各地带来强风?rdquo; "A band of heavy rain will push eastwards through the morning, which will then clear to sunshine and showers." “一股强降雨在早上向东推进Q然后会放晴q伴有阵雨?rdquo; Winds will be strongest across the north-west of the UK, where gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour are likely, and temperatures should drop to normal for this time of year, at around 16C to 18C. 英国西北部的风力最为强Ԍ风速可能达到每时50?0英里Q气温将降至每年q个时候的正常水^Q约?6?8摄氏度? ]]></description> </item><item><title>如何安全避免晒伤 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-138-472171-1.html 在地下呆?7q后Q今q将有数百万只蝉出现 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-7804-472166-1.html 天文学家可能已经扑ֈ了行星诞生的W一个直接证?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472165-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Astronomers spot first potential evidence of new planet being born 天文学家发现了新行星诞生的第一个潜在证? The first direct evidence of a planet being born may have been found by astronomers. 天文学家可能已经扑ֈ了行星诞生的W一个直接证? The space-focused researchers think they’ve spotted the phenomenon around 520 light-years away from Earth. 聚焦太空的研Ih员认为,他们已经在距d?20光年的地方发Cq种现象? The image above shows a dense disc of dust and gas surrounding a young star called AB Aurigae. 上图昄了一个由埃和气体组成的致密圆盘Q围l着一颗叫做AB御夫座的q轻恒星? This spiral structure with a twisted shape in the middle indicated to the astronomers that a new planet may be in the process of forming. q种中间呈扭曲Ş状的螺旋l构向天文学家表明,一颗新行星可能正在形成q程中? Planets outside of our solar system are referred to as exoplanets. 太阳pM外的行星被称为系外行星? The scientists said a swirling disc is one of the telltale signs of a star system being born. U学家们_漩涡盘是恒星pȝ诞生的迹象之一? The researchers used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile to take a look at the Auriga constellation disc. 研究人员利用Ƨ洲南方天文台在智利的甚大望q镜(VLT)来观察M夫星盘? They think that the bright twist you can see near the center could be evidence of a new planet forming. 他们认ؓ在中心附q看到的明亮的扭曲可能是新行星Ş成的证据? Particles within dust and gas discs collide and stick together as they orbit a star. 埃和气体盘中的_子在围l恒星运行时撞q粘在一赗? This can then create a new world. q样可以创造一个新世界? If the astronomers are correct, this image will reportedly be the first direct evidence of such an incredible event. 如果天文学家是正的Q这张图片将是第一个直接证据,真实一个不可思议的事件? The image was issued by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). q张囄由欧z南方天文台(ESO)发布? ]]></description> </item><item><title>外出是美国h最喜欢的减压方?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-7804-472164-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Getting outside is Americans’ favorite way to de-stress 外出是美国h最喜欢的减压方? Spending time in the great outdoors is the top way Americans are working to de-stress right now, according to new research. 一Ҏ新调查显C,国人目前最常用的减压方式就是到户外L松一下? The survey of 2,000 Americans found 50 percent of respondents are getting out into nature as a way to benefit their mental health — but with various stay-at-home orders still in place, not everyone is able to get as much fresh air as they would like. q项?000名美国hq行的调查发玎ͼ50%的受访者正通过户外zd来增q心理健P但由于各U各L居家令仍在执行,q不是每个h都能得到他们惌的新鲜空气? Other respondents said getting enough sleep (44 percent) and eating healthy (42 percent) were ways in which they were actively something positive for their mental health. 其他受访者表C,充的睡?44%)和健L饮食(42%)对他们的心理健康有积极的影响? And 41 percent said they’re spending time with family and friends — whether virtually or in person. 41%的h说他们会花时间和家h和朋友在一P无论是虚拟的q是面对面的? Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Reef, the survey aimed to determine how Americans relax, unwind and de-stress from their daily lives. q项由OnePoll公司代表Reef开展的调查旨在了解国人是如何放松、放村֒~解日常生活中的压力的? It revealed 39 percent choose to exercise as a way to clear their heads while a further 35 percent opt for meditation as a positive way to de-stress. 调查昄Q?9%的h选择通过ȝ来清I大脑,另有35%的h选择冥想来减压? Nearly a third (32 percent) unplug from all of their devices to gain some mental clarity and unwind from the day, while 41 percent choose to engage in physical activity in the hopes of decompressing from stress. q三分之一(32%)的h会从所有的讑֤上拔下电源,以获得一些精上的放松,?1%的h选择q行体育zdQ希望从压力中减压? But with getting out in nature as the top way Americans are de-stressing — it’s perhaps no surprise that 44 percent go to the beach for mental clarity, while the same number would take a vacation. 不过Q在国人减压的首选方式是亲近大自然的情况下,44%的hLv滩放村ֿ情,同样比例的hLv滩度假也׃ؓ奇了? Overall, when it comes to unwinding, the beach emerged as the prime location for both relaxation and fun. ȝ来说Q在放松的时候,hW成ؓ放松和娱乐的最佛_所? Nearly three in four respondents revealed they would go to the beach to alleviate stress — and about four in five said a day at the beach turns their bad mood around. q四分之三的受访者表C,他们会去hW~解压力——大约五分之四的受访者表C,在v滩度q的一天会让他们的坏心情有所好{? What makes the beach so uplifting? Well, when asked which beach-specific activities help to de-stress, respondents’ overall top choice was taking a leisurely walk along the shore, followed by listening to the sound of the waves and of course, sitting down with a nice book. 是什么让hW如此令h振奋?好吧Q当被问到哪U特定的hWzd有助于减压时Q受访者ȝ首选是悠闲地沿着岸散步Q然后听h的声韻I当然q有坐下来读一本好书? ]]></description> </item><item><title>气候变化飓风变得更强 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-472163-1.html 大多数在家工作的人,都不记得上次I裤子是什么时候了 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-7804-472162-1.html 托福词汇分类记忆Qh体构?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-469-472043-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  w干trunk;   骨架skeleton;   脊骨spine;   颈neck;   肩shoulder;   喉咙throat;   胔Rchest;   xbreast;   乛_nipple;   腚wstomach;   背部back;   腰waist;   臀部hip;   胯部crotch;   阴部groin;   屁股bottom;   肛门anus;   骨bone;   脊骨backbone;   锁骨collarbone;   脊髓marrow;   xcleavage;   喉结Adam's apple;   下腹部abdomen;   肚脐navel; ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福场景词汇Q课外调?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-469-472042-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  考点   题目Q地点,调查对象的范围及人数Q调查方式,问卷调查的题型及回收率,l论Q失误,   题目   l常换题目。survey调查Q?   地点   公共场合居多。如bus,shopping mall,public places,dormitory,parking lot停R?{等?   调查对象的范围及人数   sampleh,respondent调查对象   调查方式   interview采访Q访?questionnaires调查表,问卷,observation观察   问卷调查的题型及回收?   simple questions,short answer questions{题,multiple choice选择?matching搭配?rate打分,rank排序,classification分类Qgap filling填空   l论   一般是抽象的。statisticsl计Qdatum(复数Qdata)数据Qinvestigation调查Qquantitative数量?定量的,significant differnece显著的差异,analyze/analyse data分析数据Qresultsl果Qconclusionl论Qopinion观点Qinterpretation解释,   p   private opinions个h观点Q?public opinions公众观点 ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福词汇Q离职原?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-469-472041-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  职原因Q?   for more specialized work 为更专门的工?   for prospects of promotion 为晋升的前?   for higher responsibility 为更高层ơ的工作责Q   for wider experience 为扩大工作经?   due to close-down of company ׃公司倒闭   due to expiry of employment ׃雇用期满   offered a more challenging opportunity 获得的更有挑战性的工作Z   sought a better job 扑ֈ了更好的工作   to look for a more challenging opportunity 找一个更有挑战性的工作Z   to seek a better job 找一份更好的工作 ]]></description> </item><item><title>新的研究证实了全球变暖和强飓风之间的联系 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9944-471987-1.html Facebookؓ企业提供新的商店服务 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-471986-1.html 2019q全国城镇单位就业h员^均工资出?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-8484-471985-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[日前Q国家统计局发布2019q城镇非U营单位、城镇私营单位和规模以上企业分岗位就业h员年q_工资情况? 江省杭州市一名店员正在直播卖化妆?囄来源Q中国日? In non-private sectors, urban employees' inflation-adjusted real growth of the average salary rose by 6.8 percent to 90,501 yuan, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. 国家l计局的数据显C,全国城镇非私营单位就业h员年q_工资?0501元,Ҏ通胀调整后比上年实际增长6.8%? In private sectors, the annual average salary stood at 53,604 yuan, up 5.2 percent year on year after deducting price factors. 城镇U营单位׃人员q^均工资ؓ53604元,扣除h因素后比上年实际增长5.2%? 国家l计局人口和就业统计司副司长孟灿文_2019q_我国l济q行Mq稳、稳中有q?achieve stability with steady progress)Q就业Ş势保持稳?stable employment situation)Q全国城镇单位就业h员^均工资稳步增ѝ? 哪些行业工资? 在非U营单位中,共有6个行业年q_收入过10万元Q包括信息传输、Y件和信息技术服务业(information transmission, software and information technology service)Q金融业(finance)Q科学研I和技术服务业(scientific research and technology service)Q卫生和C会工作(health and social work)Q电力、热力、燃气及水生产供应业(power, heat, gas and water supply)Q文化、体育和׃?culture, sport and recreation sector)? 哪些行业工资增长? Employees engaging in scientific research, higher education and information sectors saw steady rises in their average wage, while workers related to public services and consumption upgrade witnessed faster salary raises. U学研究、高{教育以及信息行业的׃人员q_工资Ex上涨Q与公共服务和消费升U相关的行业q_工资较快增长? 【相兌汇? 人均可支配收? per capita disposable income 个h所得税起征? the threshold for individual income tax 收入分配制度攚w reform of the income distribution system l构性去杠杆 structural deleveraging 大众富裕阶层 mass affluent class/stratum 生活水^ quality of life 动资 liquid asset ]]></description> </item><item><title>p语言学习Q未来无人驾驶的车辆 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9910-471984-1.html p语言学习Q母亲与奛_ http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9910-471983-1.html 愉悦口语:W?10?dD文怎么?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9907-471982-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[prude 拘守CgA的hQ过分拘谨的人? You are such a prude. 你太dg? Don't be a prude. Let's just do it. 别这么死心眼Q行动吧! ]]></description> </item><item><title>愉悦口语:W?09?前几天英文怎么?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-9907-471981-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[the other day 不久前某一天,几天以前Q前几天 I saw the film the other day. It was good. 我前几天看了q个电媄Q很? He told me about this the other day. 他前几天告诉我的qg事? ]]></description> </item><item><title>多数企业准备q接“新常态?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-471964-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Most businesses ready to embrace the "new normal" 多数企业准备q接“新常?rdquo; The latest Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker from the British Chambers of Commerce has found that UK small firms are ready for a gradual reopening of the economy but they still need government support. 英国商会发布的最新冠状病毒商业媄响追t报告发玎ͼ英国企业已准备好逐步恢复l济Q但它们仍需要政府的支持? The latest British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) weekly tracker poll was conducted prior to the prime minister's announcement on a roadmap to gradually ease lockdown restrictions and the launch of safe workplace guidance. 英国商会(BCC)最新的每周跟踪调查是在首相宣布逐步放松锁限制和推出安全工作场所指南的\U图之前q行的? Even so, the vast majority of small businesses surveyed said they are ready to restart operations as government restrictions are relaxed, with 89% saying they need just three weeks or less to reopen. Most said they would be able to keep staff safe: 即便如此Q绝大多数接受调查的企业说Q随着政府限制的放松,它们准备重新开始运营,89%的小企业_它们只需要三周或更短的时间就能重新开业。大多数C,他们能够保证员工的安? · 75% said they could implement social distancing measures; 75%的企业说他们可以采取C交距离措施; · 70% said they could make provisions for remote working (although 20% said this was not applicable to their business); 70%的企业说他们可以E工作做准备(管20%的h说这不适用于他们的业务); · 61% said they could stagger arrival times (29% said this was not applicable). 61%的h说他们可以错开上班到达旉(29%的h说这是不适用?? The findings also show that the percentage of respondents that have submitted a claim to the government's Job Retention Scheme and received payment remains high, at 73% this week - up from 59% last week. The results indicate that "very few" businesses have made any redundancies. 调查l果q显C,向政府的工作保留计划提交甌q获得报酬的受访者比例仍然很高,本周?3%Q高于上周的59%。调查结果显C,很少有企业裁员? BCC director general Dr Adam Marshall said: "The government should continue to listen to business and evolve the [furlough] scheme in line with what's happening on the ground. Further, phased support may yet be needed for companies who are unable to operate for an extended period, or those who face reduced capacity or demand due to ongoing restrictions." 英国商会会长亚当·马歇博士说:“政府应该l箋听取企业的意见,q根据实际情况制定休假计划?rdquo;此外Q对于那些无法长期运营的公司Q或者那些由于持l的限制而面临能或需求下降的公司Q可能还需要分阶段的支持?rdquo; However, there are serious challenges ahead for a significant number of UK businesses. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that 44% of businesses that had not permanently ceased trading between 20 April and 3 May said that their cash reserves would last less than six months. 然而,大量英国企业面着严峻的挑战。英国国家统计局(ONS)的最新数据显C,??0日至5?日之间尚未永久停止交易的企业中,?4%表示Q它们的现金储备维持不?个月? And a recent survey from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has found that one in three small firms that have closed during lockdown fear they will never reopen. 企业联合会(FSB)最q的一调查发玎ͼ在封锁期间关闭的企业中Q有三分之一的企业担心它们永q不会重新开业? The FSB's poll of over 5,000 UK small business owners revealed that 41% have been forced to close since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Of those, 35% are not sure whether they will ever reopen again. More than one in three (37%) small employers are considering, or have already made, redundancies. 企业联合会(FSB)?000多名英国企业主q行的调查显C,自冠状病毒爆发以来,41%的小企业主被q关门。其中,35%的h不确定是否会重新开放。超q三分之一(37%)的小雇主正在考虑或已l进行裁员? FSB national chairman Mike Cherry said: "Policymakers now need to realise that the economy will not go from zero to a hundred overnight once we're into the recovery phase. The crucial support that's on offer needs to be kept under review, and adapted to reflect the new normal as we chart a course back to economic recovery." 企业联合会(FSB)dq克•切瑞?“政策制定者现在需要认识到Q一旦我们进入复苏阶D,l济不会在一夜之间从零增长到100。我们需要对目前提供的关键支持进行评伎ͼq根据经复苏的新常态进行调整?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>财政大臣警告_l济反弹可能需要时?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-500-471973-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Economic bounceback could take time, chancellor warns 财政大臣警告_l济反弹可能需要时? Chancellor Rishi Sunak informed a House of Lords committee on Tuesday that it is “not obvious there will be an immediate bounceback” of the UK economy and that it may take time for it to recover to levels seen prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. 英国财政大臣瑞什·苏纳克周二向上议院一个委员会表示Q英国经?ldquo;目前q不明显会立卛_?rdquo;Q可能需要一D|间才能恢复到2019冠状病毒大流行之前的水^? In the background, the number of claimants for unemployment benefits was shown to have risen to 2.1 million in April, according to the Office for National Statistics. 在此背景下,Ҏ英国国家l计局的数据,4月䆾申领׃救济金的人数已上升至210万? April was the first full month of the UK Covid-19 lockdown. Prior to lockdown, which began on March 23, employment levels reached a record high. 4月是英国Covid-19锁的第一个完整月份。在3?3日开始的锁之前Q就业水qC创纪录的高水q? The government has made adjustments to eligibility criteria for work-related benefits during the Covid-19 crisis, seeing a spike in Universal Credit claims. 政府已经调整了在Covid-19危机期间对工作福利的资格标准,看到了普遍的信贷要求的激增? Meanwhile, job vacancies fell by almost 25 per cent to 637,000 in the three months to April. 与此同时Q在截至4月䆾?个月里,职位I缺减少了近25%Q至63.7万个? Work and Pensions secretary Therese Coffey told the BBC that unemployment was likely to increase further, as ONS figures only showed that UK unemployment rose by 50,000 to 1.35 million in the three months to March. The figures, therefore, only account for the first week of the UK lockdown. ׃与养老金大臣特蕾?middot;U菲告诉BBCQ失业率可能会进一步上升,因ؓ国家l计局的数据只昄Q在截至3月䆾的三个月里,英国的失业率?万上升到135万。因此,q些数据只说明了英国锁的第一?的情?? Coffey said: "I think we should be prepared for the unemployment rate to increase significantly." U菲?“我认为我们应该ؓ׃率大q上升做好准备?rdquo; Jagjit Chadha, director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said that it would be “reasonable” to expect a quick spike in unemployment to over ten per cent in the second quarter. 国家l济与社会研I所所长贾吉特•查达表示Q预计第二季度失业率迅速攀升至10%以上Q这?ldquo;合理?rdquo;? Tej Parikh, the chief economist at the Institute of Directors, added: "Even before lockdown, coronavirus was threatening to take the shine off the UK's sterling jobs record, and initial estimates for April don't make for easy reading. 董事学会首席l济学家泰杰·帕里克补充道:“甚至在封锁之前,冠状病毒已l在威胁着要抹杀英国的就业记录,?月䆾的初步预也不容乐观?rdquo; "It's clear that, without the government's furlough scheme, the picture would have rapidly deteriorated even further." “很明显,如果没有政府的休假计划,情况会迅速恶化得更糟?rdquo; People who have been furloughed under the government’s Job Retention Scheme have not been included among the unemployed. However, the level of furloughed employees did have an impact in the total number of weekly hours worked, which saw a sharpest annual decline in a decade for Q1. 在政府的工作保留计划下休假的Z包括在失业h口中。然而,休假员工的水q确实对每周工作d时数产生了媄响,今年W一季度Q每周工作d时数出现?0q来的最大年度降q? The ONS warned that the decline maps solely the fall in the number of hours worked in the final week of March when the lockdown was introduced. Over that week, the total number of hours worked was roughly 25 per cent down on other weeks during the same quarter. The full impact of the wider Covid-19 lockdown in this context is still to be determined. 国家l计局警告Uͼq一下降只反映了3月最后一周实行封锁时工作时数的下降。在q一周内Q同一季度的d作时间比其他几周减少了约25%。在q种情况下,更广泛的Covid-19锁的全部媄响仍有待定? ]]></description> </item><item><title>随着肉类h的上涨,是时候多吃蔬菜了 http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-138-471963-1.html 为大家分享完整的px发音?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471958-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[为大家分享完整的px发音?   x是学习英语的基础Q在初学时应当准掌握发韛_型,px与汉语拼x很大的差别,所以学习时要避免汉语式发音。要惛_好音标首先得有音标发韌Q今天就为大家分享完整的px发音表? px发音?   x是记录音素的符P是音素的标写W号Q它的制定原则是:一个音素只用一个音标表C,一个音标只表示一个音素。英语是拼音文字Q字母就表达语音。然而英语有40多个发音Q却仅有26个字母。ؓ了能准确标识发音Q引入了语音W号Q这些语音符L作音?Phonetic symbol)。国际音标分ZU?英式x(DJx)和美式音?K.K.x)?   听力译֠讲解到英语音标发韌中一共有48个英语国际音标,其中元音20个,辅音28个?   元音和辅x么记最快?   px四十八,元音二十辅二八。元韛_分单和双Q单元十二双元八Q单元又分长和短Q长5?是它,合口集中是双元,??韛_发。辅韛_x6U,清浊10对相ҎQ爆破破擦各3对,破擦/t//d/后附加。摩?对加/h//r/Q摩擦十个别混啦QE3?半元2Q?学会x呱呱?   听力译֠推荐x学习的方?   1.x学习要和中文拼音相结?   x按照分类Q从单的单元韛_始,到双元音Q再到辅韻I由易到难Q@序渐q。我们每个汉字都有属于它自己的拼韻I而每一个单词,同样也有属于它的x?   例如Q汉语的拼音中,声母b的发音与p中辅音b的发韛_是一体的   2、在x学习中要扑ֈ规律   p国际x共有48个,其中元音?0个,辅音?8个。辅音主要是通过气流的改变发出来的。在学习的过E中Q既要找到规律也要在实际中应用规律?   3、只要学会每个元韌音的发音Q再Ҏx像拼音一h出来Q就能很L的读出陌生单词了? px发音?   px发音表看似有很多陌生的音标,其实只要掌握它的归类以及发音ҎQ学好音标还是非常容易的Qƈ且在以后对单词的D与记忆也有很大的作用? ]]></description> </item><item><title>学习px发音有哪些常见问?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471957-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[学习px发音有哪些常见问?   学好一门语a发音是最基础也是最重要的,它直接媄响到听力能力以及对话交流。英语音标在学习q程中很多h发音不准确D说出来的单词和语句L变味ѝ那学习px发音有哪些常见问题呢? px发音   听力译֠讲解x是记录音素的符P是音素的标写W号Q它的制定原则是:一个音素只用一个音标表C,一个音标只表示一个音素。英语是拼音文字Q字母就表达语音。然而英语有40多个发音Q却仅有26个字母。ؓ了能准确标识发音Q引入了语音W号Q这些语音符L作音?Phonetic symbol)。国际音标分ZU?英式x(DJx)和美式音?K.K.x)?   听力译֠介绍学习px发音有哪些常见问?   用汉字发x念英?   用汉字或汉语拼音_略辨析读音 p单词的读音与拼写是有一定规律可ȝQ而学生因Z知道?标,所以经怼用汉字或汉语拼音来标注单词的读音?   照字面而非x读英?   pq不是一门发音特别规律的语言Q即便两个单词的某些字母一P发音也未必一P而且不少单词q有“重音”。所以,跟着专业外教的发韻I或者学习音标来忉|能念得标准?   胡口说英语,没有U错的觉?   知道自己是错的还不改正,一错再错,q就是态度问题了。没有给自己U错、找茬的正确态度Q永q说不了正确的英语?   学词汇只q求量不q求?   许多增加词汇量就是捧着本单词手册不停地背。但死记背q些单词真的好吗?老外真的有在说这些单词吗?不要白费工夫Q背单词一定要从常用词背v。说生僻、过时的词只会让人没法理解你Q这一炚w不酷?   如何学英语音?   先从字母x发音学v   学习xQ我们首先就要从最基本的字母发韛_手。在26个英文字母中Q可以说每个字母都有自己在单词中的读韟?6个字母在单词中的读音又称音素Q而在p中一共有48个音素,每个音素又都有相对应的音标,因此我们要学的音标,也就是这48个音素的书面W号。所以说要想学好xQ我们就要从q?8个音素开始,由浅入深循序渐进地慢慢学?   善于ȝ发现规律   当学生们已经对基本的x知识和发x握之后,我们应该注重培d生{变学习方式,帮助学生在学习的q程中ȝ单词的发韌律,掌握U学有效的发韌则,q样才能学会举一反三Q能够识L多的单词。同Ӟ׃掌握了一定的x发音规律Q音标学习也能达C半功倍的效果? px发音   有很多基不好的h是由于教学条件受制导致英语音标发音不标准Q后期想要矫正需要认真学习每一个发韻Iq且通过大量阅读来慢慢改q来Q想要说一口好听标准的p׃x发音开始吧? ]]></description> </item><item><title>常见的英语翻译技巧怎么P译工作的不可替代性! http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471956-1.html p单词自学应该怎么做,注意事项有哪些呢Q?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471955-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[p单词自学应该怎么做,注意事项有哪些呢Q?   现在很多在职的工作者,都会惌提高自己的英语交水qI而工作忙下旉肯定很少的。那么下面就让我们跟听力译֠来了解一下英语单词自学应该怎么做,注意事项有哪些呢?   p单词自学怎么?   1Qn受孤?   自学p是很孤独的,其是零基础。因Z要从最基础的发韛_始练P别h都是在考试四六U。所以你要n受一个h的武林?   2Q心态最重要   学习p贵在心态好Q不要和别hL较英语水qI只要q求自己每天q步一点点可以。n受学习英语的乐趣。如果心态Qw的时候第一旉不要质疑自己的水qx样Q而是听一首安静的歌曲摒除躁?   3Q学好英语第一步是发音   发音标准׃得到别h的赞赏,你内心就会感到喜悦。这样就会自信。所以我自学的战友第一旉要去l习发音Q不要马上去记单词或者语法。因两样如果你兴没辑ֈ一定的境界很容易生放弃的心理。这栯学成功就会有隑ֺ?   4Q多看美?   ׃我们在国内没有很好的学习环境Q只有通过剧M解美国h的思维习惯和生zL式,q样你会慢慢懂得学习语言是要了解他们的文化,如果不懂他们文化Q那你学20q还是一门外语。推荐《老友记》和《绝望的d》两部美剧?   5Q坚持下?   最重要点就是把坚持当做习惯Q因为我明白如果攑ּQ那么我之前所有的努力都是白费Q所以战友既焉择了就不要L说放弃? p单词自学   注意事项Q?   1、学习新单词和表辑֯于构汇非帔R要,其是在一门有很多单词的语a中,所以阅L非常重要的?   2、在p学习的过E中Q大安喜欢一些新鲜事物,L不太喜欢那些每天重复的事情,因此在学习英文单词的时候要提醒自己U极的用一些新词汇? p单词自学   关于p单词自学应该怎么做,注意事项有哪些的相关内容听力译֠׃ؓ大家分n到这里了Q希望对惌了解q方面信息的人有所帮助Q自学英语也要找到合适的ҎQ这h会提高英语交能力? ]]></description> </item><item><title>x在线发音U正p发音不准的问?/title> <link>http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471954-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[x在线发音U正p发音不准的问?   p发音好不好决定了你以后能否说好一口流利的pq也影响着听力能力。很多h在学p基础阶段没有规范发韻IDp口语L变味儿,今天推荐大家用音标在U发韌册语发音不准的问题? x在线发音   px   x是记录音素的符P是音素的标写W号Q它的制定原则是:一个音素只用一个音标表C,一个音标只表示一个音素。英语是拼音文字Q字母就表达语音。然而英语有40多个发音Q却仅有26个字母。ؓ了能准确标识发音Q引入了语音W号Q这些语音符L作音?Phonetic symbol)?   听力译֠表示一个h可能不知道一个单词的写法Q但只要教会他发韻I他也能说个单词ƈ让我们听懂。我们学习英语不能学哑巴pQ?而要学会“?rdquo;p。英语音标就是让你专门用来学习如?ldquo;?rdquo;p的符号体p,听力译֠教你从单个字母的发音到整个单词的发音。这样你可以让别h听懂你的p了,同时也让你更Ҏ听懂其他的英语?   x在线发音教你发音   /i:/ 舌抵下Q双唇扁q作微笑Ӟ?ldquo;一”之长韟?是字母ea、ee、ey、ie、或ei在单词中的发韻I此音是长元音Q一定注意把韛_?   /ɪ/ 舌抵下Q双唇扁q_开Q牙床近于全舌,发短促之“?ei)”韟?是字母i或y在单词中的发韻I发此韌短促而轻快?   /æ/ 双唇扁^Q舌前微升,舌尖抵住下龈Q牙床开QY腭升P唇自然开放?是字母a在闭韌或重读闭韌中的发音?   /e/ 舌近腭Q舌顶下Q牙床半开半合Q作微笑状?是字母e或ea在单词中的发韟?   /з:/ 舌上抬,唇成自然状态,口半开半闭Q发“?rdquo;之长韟?是字母er、ir、or或ur在单词中的发韟?   /ə/ 舌上抬,唇成自然状态,口半开半闭Q发“?rdquo;之短韟?是字母a、o、u、e、or、er或ur在单词中的发韟?   /ɑ:/ 双唇张而不圆,牙床大开Q舌后微升,舌尖向后升羃微离下Q发阿之镉K?是字母er在闭韌或重读闭韌中的发音也是字母a在以stl尾的单词中的读韟?   /ʌ/ 双唇qxQ牙床半开Q舌抵住下龈,舌后微微升vQ发短促?ldquo;?rdquo;?是字母o或u在单词中的发韟?   /ɔ:/ 双唇界于开闭、圆唇之_牙床半开渐至全开Q舌卷上再q渡为卷后?是字母o、al、or、oar、our或oor在单词中的发韟? x在线发音   x在线发音是非怾LQ它可以反复听反复练习,可以学习到标准的x发音方式Qƈl出单词发音规则与技巧。音标发音一旦固化后期纠正比较困难,但只要坚持音标在U发韛_习一定会ȝ出标准的p口语? ]]></description> </item><item><title>四p单词如何高效记忆Q不妨试试这几种Ҏ http://www.quejiahe.cn/show-242-471953-1.html ۺavվ