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      英語練習題 一般現在時練習題






      英語練習題 一般現在時練習題

        1. We often___________(play) on the playgound.
        2. He _________(get) up at six o’clock.
        3. __________you _________(brush) your teeth every morning.
        4. What____ (do) he usually _____(do) after school?
        5. Danny _______(study) English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art at school.
        6. Mike sometimes __________(go) to the park with his sister.
        7. At eight at night, she ________(watch) TV with his parents.
        8. ________ Mike________(read) English every day?
        9. How many lessons ______your classmate____(have) on Monday?
        10. What time ____his mother_________(do) the housework?
        11. He often ______(have) dinner at home. 12. Daniel and Tommy___ (be) in Class One.
        13. We____ (not watch) TV on Monday. 14. Nick _____(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.
        15. They______ (like) the World Cup? 16. What ____they often ____(do) on Saturdays
        17. Your parents________ (read) newspapers every day?
        18. The girl______ (teach) us English on Sundays.
        19. She and I _______(take) a walk together every evening.
        20. There_______ (be) some water in the bottle. 21. Mike ______(like) cooking.
        22. They_______ (have) the same hobby. 23. My aunt______ (look) after her baby carefully.
        24. You always____ (do) your homework well. 25. I_____ (be) ill. I’m staying in bed.
        26. She_____ (go) to school from Monday to Friday. 27. Liu Tao _____(do) not like PE.
        28. The child often______ (watch) TV in the evening.
        29. Su Hai and Su Yang ______(have) eight lessons this term.
        30. -What day ______(be) it today? - It’s Saturday.
        31. Don’t make a noise. Grandpa __________(sleep).
        32. Tom’s family__________(watch) TV.
        33. It ________(take) me two hours to finish my homework last night.
        34. What ______ your mother _______(do) every evening? She _______(wash) clothes.
        35. _______ it ______ (rain)every day?
        36. What _______(do) you _______ on Sundays ? We ________ (play) football.
        37. There ________ (be) a football match on TV every morning.
        38. They often ________ (visit) the Great Wall.
        39. Who _______ (dance) the best in your class?
        40. He _____________ (not come).
        41. The earth __________ (move) round the sun.
        42 She ________ (buy) a sweater.
        43. Mr. Wang often______( go) to Shanghai.
        1. Do you often play football after school? (肯定回答)
        2. I have many books. (改為否定句)
        3. Gao Shan’s sister likes playing table tennis (改為否定句)
        4. She lives in a small town near New York. (改為一般疑問句)
        5. I watch TV every day. (改為一般疑問句)
        6. David has a goal. (改為一般疑問句)
        7. We have four lessons.(否定句)
        8. Nancy doesn’t run fast (肯定句)
        9. My dog runs fast. (一般疑問句)
        10. Mike has two letters for him.
        11. I usually play football on Friday afternoon
        12. Su Yang usually washes some clothes on Saturday.
        13. Mingming usually waters the flowers every day
        14. Tom does his homework at home.
        1. wash_________ match _______guess______ study______ finish_________ go________ snow______ carry_________
        2. stop______ see________ drive ________let_______ carry______ keep_____ join______ find_______ think________ teach______ catch______
        3. stay_______ begin______ forget_______ forget______ lie________ die _______ run_______ prefer______ give________ ring_______ dance______ hope_______
        1. There _____ an English film at the cinema now.
        A. will have B. is going to have C. is going to be D. is
        2. The picture _______ nice.
        A. looks B. is looked C. look D. is looking
        3. She ______ down and soon falls asleep.
        A. live B. lain C. laid D. sits
        4. They _____ the office in time very morning.
        A. reach to B. arrived C. went D. get to
        5. We shall go to Shanghai on business before you _____ back next week.
        A. will come B. came C. would come D. come
        6. The plane ______ over there.
        A. is B. are C.am D. was
        7. I see her ____ the room this morning.
        A. to enter B. entered C. enter D. enters
        8. The teacher ________us to come to school on time.
        A. ask B. asking C. asks D. asked
        9. John always ______ others.
        A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help
        10. He ______for eight hours every day.
        A. working B. to work C. works D. worked
        11. You’d better ______ at home and ______ your homework.
        A. to stay, do B. stay, do C. to stay, to do D. stay, to do
        12. He sits down and ______ a rest.
        A. having B. have C. to have D. has
        13. Uncle Wang never ______ a cake.
        A. make B. to make C. making D. makes

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